Earth Clinic

Take Evolutionary Action To Enliven & Activate Your Being Toward Self-Mastery
Join our tribe and get your free E-Book & 25% off at Biocare now! We care deeply about the journey that souls are on, and recognise that this journey has it’s ups and downs and flows and ebbs in different ways. And so our role is to holistically guide these souls to self-heal, evolve and stabalise into optimum health and wellness. Our practice consists of integrated, cutting-edge, holistic modalities, technologies, philosophy and science to support your expansion toward self-leadership and self-mastery. 

How We Play

Gatherings – we have weekly classes, periodic workshops and community gatherings.

Single Therapies – we offer packages in singular therapy modalities so that you can drill down with a set of tools you’re wanting to focus on

Integrated Holistic Modalities – We offer a unique blend of coaching and natural medicine modalities – naturopathic nutrition, Internal Family Systems, Shamanic practices, yoga, mindfulness and meditation – through 2 powerful programmes that support our clients to release key blockages and stabalise into their soul path and earth mission.

Our Holistic Therapy programme is for those with chronic health conditions and our Leadership Coaching programme is for those who want to live their dream life and develop their dream conscious business.

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