Earth Clinic

We support you on your path of self-mastery to unlock a greater depth of awareness, holistic healing & to embody your power.

We care deeply about the journey that souls are on, and recognise that this journey has its ups and downs, flows and ebbs.

We help people work through challenges and blocks, get aligned and do deep healing with as much grace and ease, because the journey to stability, healing and ultimately oneness is a natural and integral part of our human experience. It doesn’t have to be daunting and difficult.

Our practice consists of integrated, trauma-informed, holistic modalities, technologies, wisdom and practice to support self-mastery. Our programmes distil almost two decades of research & practice into a simple guide on how to holistically heal & evolve gracefully.

What We Offer

Gatherings – weekly classes, day retreats and community gatherings.

Single Therapies – focus on one set of tools.

Integrated Holistic Programmes – our unique blend of holistic coaching and natural medicine modalities that support the deeper healing process.

121 Deep Dives – one-off focussed work going deep into your inner world

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