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Energy Medicine

When we open ourself to energy medicines (EM) we activate our human technologies to new levels. When we work with these technologies, we can effectively channel different energies like universal life force energy (the meaning of reiki), kundalini or living life energy.  This harmonises our own vibrational frequency and allows for more energy to flow through, nourish us and work on our different energy layers to clear and transform stuck energies, toxins, patterns and trauma.

We see physical health conditions as manifestations of blockages of energy that have reduced energy flow to vital organs. This impacts on the ability of a body part or organ to heal itself properly and quickly. Going further, we work on the root of the blockages, unblocking stuck emotions, traumatic burdens, patterns and stagnant energies from this life, past life and the ancestral line.

Energy medicine restores energy flow in the body leading to greater bodily functions and processes, right down to the cellular and DNA level, bringing us a greater level of health and wellbeing. EM works on many levels and helps us unify our whole energy system and connect deeper with the world around us and the collective consciousness.

Earth Clinic energy medicine practitioners Roop Singh Sagar and Natasha Anand Boojihawn are masters of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Spiritual Crystal Healing and initiates of Advanced Sekhem, Quantum Field Healing, Quantum Liberation and ancient yogic energy work practices. They also work with sound healing, aromatherapy, earthkeeping, Vedic, Tantric and Shamanic practices.

Benefits of Energy Medicine
  • Initiating healing
  • Cleansing or unblocking the chakras
  • Increasing focus and clarity
  • Increasing self-awareness and confidence
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing pain and swelling
  • Detoxifying toxins and metabolites form the body
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and emotional issues
  • Increasing recovery times of wounds, surgery or illness
  • Releasing tension and emotions
  • Increasing creativity and idea generation
  • Calming the nervous system and changing the brainwave frequency
  • Spiritual connection and exploration
  • Supporting fertility
  • Reducing from hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue immune and digestive imbalances
  • Activating our intuition, psychic abilities and gifts
  • Remembering our soul path
How We Work & What to Expect

We create packages rather than deliver individual sessions, because we believe that making a commitment both from the client and therapist perspective is better for the overall journey and wellness outcomes.

We will always undertake a consultation and decide with the client where we shall start as well as what’s needed to create safety and trust. We always empower our clients to self-lead.

You can expect to be held, feel safe and in control of this process and for the session to move at the pace you feel comfortable.

The session is mostly lying down, although you may choose to be seated. If the session is happening online/distant, you will have to create a safe space where you will be undisturbed.

About our Energy Medicine Practitioners

Our Weekly Classes

Activate Innate Self-Healing Class – Tuesdays – 6pm GMT – 7.30pm GMT


We offer packages of 3, 75 minute sessions for £206.25 (£68.75 per session)

Contact or call +447540 304412 for more information or to make a booking.



The energy healing session I had with Roop removed pressures, worries, strains and negative energy from my body. I felt refreshed and renewed once I left and I definitely recommend him to everyone.


I felt very safe and heard by Roop. The session in itself was so empowering, i felt ripples and wave like sensations flow through my entire system. I felt light like i was floating on water. The crystal healing aspect was the most powerful energetic feelings I have ever felt! The energy from the crystals blew me into space like a powerball of immense light and I felt so euphoric. My heart had blasted open I was in my power. I was pure love and light. I felt free, strong and it was a beautiful experience. I would highly recommend Roop’s services to anyone who is looking for an energy master!


Roop is a really gifted and natural, intuitive energy healer. His sessions are always powerful and multi-layered. He is super thorough and has such a gentle and considerate approach. I would highly recommend.


My sessions with Roop have been truly transformational. He is caring and gentle and always give plenty of time for me to share what is going on for me.  Roop offers a different perspective on a lot of things and I always thoroughly enjoy his insights. Earth Clinic is a magical place – one of my favourite places in Manchester.


Earth Clinic is a great place with wonderful people! Natasha is an amazing, caring and thoughtful person. My Reiki/Crystal Therapy session was an unforgettable experience and I felt really comfortable and at ease from the very beginning. The atmosphere is extremely calming and soothing and you feel that you are being listened to. My nutrition consultation and the training I attended were both very professional and I’m looking forward to trying other services. I would recommend Your Earth Clinic to everyone as it has so much to offer.


Roop is a gifted and natural, intuitive energy healer.