Earth Clinic

Many people intuitively feel they can progress but feel stuck, confused and lost. Others know what they want, but don’t know how to get there

We have become overcome and stifled by our individual and collective ego and for many of us, our healing and growth has become a painful struggle.

We show people how to journey through the shadow with grace and ease, stability and love, and lessen the discomfort associated with the healing journey.

We Activate People

We help people navigate back to their self energy, nature and earth consciousness; to remember how to self-lead and self-heal; activate their human and soul technologies; evolve their consciousness; hold space in their communities; remember why they are here; and live a peaceful, loving, joyous life.

We take our clients through specially curated, journeys of self-leadership and transformation where they learn to embed and embody holistic tools.

We get sustainable results, re-activating people to their innate wisdom, technologies and inner resources and helping them remember how powerful they really are.

Experience & Heritage

We come from a long line of visionary souls (ancestors,, teachers and guides) that have been at the forefront of shifting planetary consciousness. We carry these teachings forward with our own experience overcoming chronic health conditions.

We have experienced a lifetime of indigenous wisdom from the Sikh and Vedic lineages, 12 years experience each working therapeutically with some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people in England as youth & community workers and several years working as therapists.

We have also trained in trauma-informed holistic modalities that has enhanced the work of our 10 year-old prolific social enterprise, Union Street Media Arts and Earth School.

We continuously develop and refine our unique holistic model and this great body of wisdom through practice.

Roop Singh Sagar

Master Teacher of Energy Medicine

Roop Singh Sagar has over a 12 years experience in the healing arts and has been teaching and holding space for 15 years in various capacities.

Roop is a luminary in the realm of holistic healing. With a decade of dedicated practice and learning, he stands as a beacon of light, guiding others on their paths to wellness and self-discovery.

As the embodiment of a lineage of healers and custodians of ancient wisdom, Roop is backed by their courage, compassion and tradition. He stands as a testament to the resilience of the teachings, a torchbearer of the timeless art and science of natural medicine.

  As a Reiki and Sekhem Master, Roop’s expertise transcends traditional holistic healing modalities.  His expertise extends to the subtle energies that govern our existence, from the intricate connections of the heart-mind to the vast consciousness field that unites all living beings.

Trained in a myriad of disciplines including Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Sekhem, and Quantum Field Healing, Roop possesses an inegrated depth of knowledge and intuition. His hands, like finely tuned instruments, effortlessly navigate the body’s energy systems, pinpointing blockages and restoring harmony.

He has been refining his natural abilities to sense and feel energy coming from the body, the chakras and the Bio Field/Aura. He can map the auric field and layers to show where blockages and incoherent energy resides. With this ability he offers great insight with multidimensional awareness of that which affects our mid, body spirit complex.

From alleviating migraines, dissolving cysts and reducing inflammation to facilitating ancestral healing, Roop has experienced facilitating healing for an array of ailments, blockages and imbalances. His understanding of anatomy, physiology, the nervous system, natural world, celestial realm and the sciences of energy inform his practice, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness.

He enjoys bringing forward current scientific as well as ancient esoteric knowledge on healing, health, wellness, the natural world and cosmos. With deep reverence for the teachings, he combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge, modern techniques, guiding his clients on a journey of profound self-discovery and healing.  

Roop’s healing journey is a testament to his commitment to self-mastery, inner exploration and ancestral healing. He is continuing to unlock the secrets of the human energy system and the natural world, empowering others to tap into their innate potential for healing and growth.
With this Roop also explores non-local knowledge from his dreamtime and personal journeys into the multiverse alongside deep studying and research.

Combining all this with a grounded  approach safeguardedby energy hygeine/protection, he is able to be embodied and offer his students a safe sapce to explore thier Healing-Warrior path and consciousness and offers a bridge between worlds.

Having held space and taught in various capacities for the last 15 years through community advocacy, youth-led participatory arts initiatives, one-to-one work with clients and co-leading numerous wellness and teacher trainnig programmes, retreats, ceremonies and workshops, Roop’s experience goes wellbeyond anyting these words can describe.

He shines brightly as a beacon of faith and inspiration, and his fervent dedication to the art and science of health and healing and his commitment to personal growth ignites him to uplift and support the lives of those who cross his path.

Roop honors his place as a steward of nature’s wisdom.

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Natasha Anand Boojihawon

Master Teacher of Energy Medicine & Trauma-Informed Integrative Practitioner

Natasha Anand Boojihawon has over a 12 years experience in the healing arts and has been teaching and holding space for 15 years in various capacities.

Natasha Anand is a visionary architect and steward in a new era of conscious evolution. She comes from a long line of visionary Souls – her ancestry, teachers and guides who have been at the forefront of elevating planetary consciousness. Guided by a lifetime of teachings of the Himalayan Vedantic Tantric lineage as well as the tutelage and privilege of esteemed master teachers in this and past lifetimes, Natasha’s journey has been a tapestry woven with indigenous and esoteric wisdom, evidence-based research, embodied practice and transformative experiences. She now immerses herself in a beyond-trauma-informed personal and professional practice.

Co-founding the pioneering social enterprise, Union Street Media Arts, in 2008 alongside her husband, Roop Sagar, Natasha Anand developed her passion for supporting healing through the creative therapeutic projects, participatory arts programmes and alternatove education initiatives her organisation delivered over a decade in marginalised communities. This endeavor laid the foundation for their holistic venture, Earth Clinic & School, seven years ago through which the community continues to thrive and evolve.

Natasha Anand has been space-holding and teaching in various capacities for 15 years. She has trained as a Coach and practices as a Teacher of Energy Medicine and Integrated Yoga (Himalayan Kundalini, Mindfulness and Meditation), as a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Vedic Astrologer, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Level 3 Practitioner and IFS IFIO Couples Therapist. She also integrates other modalities such as  Spiritual Crystal Healing, Quantum Medicine, Shamanic Practices and Sacred Geometry.

Natasha Anand’s role as a Programme Assistant on official IFS training underscores her commitment to advancing the field of holistic medicine, while the teacher training programs in Space-Holding, Energy Medicine, and Holistic Coaching she co-leads serve as beacons for aspiring healing facilitators, practitioners and teachers.

As Priestess at Sri Shakti Ma Temple in Manchester, she is renowned for her ability to create safe spaces conducive to deep healing and consciousness expansion, through which she channels lifetimes of ceremonial practice. Natasha Anand’s sacred gatherings are revered for their transformative power, beckoning participants to explore the unknown depths of their being toward realisation of their highest potential. Furthermore, Earthkeeping and devotional practice she holds such as Yagyas (Vedic Fire Cermeonies) have been a fundamentally grouding anchors for all work and play of the community.

Natasha Anand ‘s offerings, including one-on-one deep dive healing programes, private and group ceremonies, talks, retreats, workshops, spiritual guidance, and holistic teacher training programs.

Central to Natasha Anand’s practice is her unwavering commitment to trauma-informed, holistic, and integrated healing, providing individuals with safe and powerful spaces to embark on profound journeys of self-discovery and healing.

As she continues to sculpt and steward the professional landscape of holistic healing, Natasha Anand explores beyond the boundaries of possibility, pioneering innovative, integrative approaches that bridge the realms of science and spirituality. In the tapestry of her legacy and dedication to evolving the holistic healing arts and sciences, each thread is woven with the brilliance of ancient wisdom and the promise of a future illuminated by infinite potential.

Natasha Anand’s own journey of overcoming autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, addiction, burnout, and ancestral trauma serves as a testament to her experience and deepens her embodied connection with those she serves. An additional 14 years of deep personal exploration with psychedelics has fueling her unwavering passion for her path of service.