Earth Clinic

Earth School

We provide opportunities for those who are ready to dedicate energy toward their learning and development. We guide our students to vision, evolve, find their role on planet Earth and build their offer to the world.

We believe that personal journeys start with the foundation of self-healing and self-care, and from this can grow professional practice, innovation, projects and business that meet the needs of all sentient beings and mother Earth.

Follow this link to our full Earth School Website where you can find all our offerings including our teacher training programmes.

What’s On

We are currently running the following classes, workshops and programmes:

Activate Innate Self-Healing Class – Tuesdays – 6pm GMT – 7.30pm GMT

Evolve Yoga Class – Wednesdays – 6pm GMT – 7.30pm GMT
Energy Medicine Practitioner Training – 6 month course online and residential/retreat
Holistic Medicine Practitioner Training – 4 months online

Whats on

Classes Time Links
The Antidote Live Stream 11.08 - The Antidote Daily Live Stream Click here
Activate Innate Self-Healing Class Tuesdays 6 - 7.30pm GMT Click here
Evolve Yoga Class Wednesdays 6 - 7.30pm GMT Click here
Soul Path Yoga Class Thursdays 6 - 7.30pm GMT Click here