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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems is a Self-led approach that incorporates trauma awareness and trauma-releasing techniques into a mind-body-spirit holistic model of therapeutic process work – this is almost completely ignored by most health and wellbeing mainstream modalities. It is a cutting-edge evidence-based modality that is challenging current models of therapeutic work and frameworks of communication.

What’s clever about this model is that it mirrors what we actually are – a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional being. It places the Self at the centre of the process and recognises that the parts of our mind and body are important aspects of our system and need to be nurtured, acknowledged and witnessed in order to trust in Self and be ready to release burdens, beliefs, heavy emotions and memories from the past.

IFS is all about guiding the client to come back into the seat of their Soul or Self energy – as the navigator or Master of their being. While you receive sessions, you are also picking up these life-lasting tools. See it as 121 training.

When we cultivate access to and lead with Self, we are able to sit back into the awareness, presence and loving kindness that we are, and relate to our internal world with compassion, courage and curiosity. This leads to a more balanced, cohesive, helpful and productive internal space.

Ultimately we can cultivate healthy life-lasting relationships between ourSelf and our parts and liberate them from the suffering and pain of the burdened mind and body. Parts can come out of their extreme protective, stuck and cyclical roles and back to a peaceful, innocent and playful state of being. 

How We Work & What to Expect

Working with our Internal Family System can be an exciting journey that can also be met with resistance and fearful parts. I do everything I can to create safety and resource the client to feel stable, grounded and ready to explore.

I have a standard package rather than deliver individual sessions, because I believe that making a commitment both from the client and therapist perspective is smoother for the overall journey and wellness outcomes. 

Due to the nature of my experience working in an integrative way, the love and energy I have for this work and the consistent results I get with my clients – my approach is to go on this 12 session journey as a minimum with my clients. It is a really powerful process.

My intention is to support a deep dive journey and cultivate a strong energetic architecture around the work, which creates a safe and charged healing space. I create a strong energy around the work that I do and maintain the highest self and professional care practices and standards. I’ve spent years studying with various Master Teachers and cultivating my own power and presence and what I bring is a state of peace, calm and very powerful tools.

My specialism is using an integrative approach, guiding my clients through safely held journeys into developmental, ancestral and past life trauma, quickly and deeply. My mission is to guide clients on  journeys of deep holistic healing and consciousness evolution. This is why I work in this way.

You can expect to be held, feel safe and in the driving seat of this process and for the session to move at the pace you feel comfortable.

The session is mostly seated, although you may choose to lie down. If the session is happening online, you will have to create a safe space where you will be undisturbed, which I can help you with.

If you are or have experienced a session with us, please read our Aftercare Guidance document to get all the support you may need to integrate the work, work through any thing that comes up and make the most of the healing energies.

We also have this information sheet on Trauma Resources including local services, and a list of other resources from leading trauma experts.


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