Earth Clinic

Holistic therapy is much more than getting a massage or eating more veggies. It’s about combining cutting-edge, holistic, trauma-informed modalities depending on the physical, psychological, emotional, energetic & spiritual needs of the client.

People come to us for a whole variety of different reasons, but two things unites them…

They want to be free and unburdened from the struggle, pain and trauma holding them back. They also want balance in their life.

This is what we are good at. This is our superpower skill. Our ability to help our clients safely, and quickly clear the old, stuck, burdened energy of trauma and come back into balance, back towards their full potential. We know how to hold our clients and their trauma tenderly and show up with what is needed to support deep healing.

Our aim is to take our clients on a journey through this, helping them to embody their new sense of empowerment, purpose, and experience a more full, joyful, balanced lives.

This is the path of Self-Mastery.

This must start with willingness and courage to look inward and dare to see the depths of your shadow, dissolve old belief systems and put in the hard work.

How We Work

We teach our clients to embed and embody holistic tools. We utilise an evidence-based, trauma-informed tool-kit of self enquiry, healing, leadership practices and ancient wisdom that supports people to stabalise, faster and deeper, with life-lasting outcomes that impact their future lives.

Naturopathic nutrition, Internal Family Systems psychotherapy, energy medicine and full-spectrum, integrated yoga are the 4 foundational pillars of our work.

With extensive training in Holistic Medicine, Natasha Anand Boojihawon guides a unique process with a track record of consistent results over 6 years supporting people to bring imbalances into alignment.

She distils almost 2 decades of research, experience and practice into a, step-by-step guide on how to holistically heal and evolve gracefully. In addition, she supports them in a safe and graceful way that lessens the discomfort and difficulty associated with self-development and shadow work.

She gets sustainable results, re-activating people to their innate wisdom, technologies and resources and helping them remember their oneness.

Natasha Anand works with clients from all over the world and has a specialism in developmental trauma, chronic inflammatory health conditions, autoimmune imbalances, hormone imbalance, digestive health issues and addiction. Having recovered from these issues herself, she has direct experience of what works and how it really feels to go through the ups and downs of this journey.

Hear about Natasha’s journey on this podcast.

If you are or have experienced a session with us, please read our Aftercare Guidance document to get all the support you may need to integrate the work, work through any thing that comes up and make the most of the healing energies.

We also have this information sheet on Trauma Resources including local services, and a list of other resources from leading trauma experts.

Key Benefits
  • Develop awareness of how your biochemistry, bio-physiology, emotions and consciousness all interact and how to come back into balance.
  • Release blockages, programming, cycles and traumatic burdens holding you back.
  • Upgrade your mind-body-spirit technologies and empower your energy systems.
  • Heal trauma from this and past life as well as the ancestal line.
  • Develop a new awareness of your internal world and how to create internal dialogue.
  • Become more embodied.
  • Learn to come into receptivity, stillness and meditate.
  • Learn to self-lead, self-regulate and self-heal.
  • Create stability, trust and confidence.
  • Learn to embody your self/soul energy.
  • Create new neural pathways.
  • Create and embed an optimal lifestyle.
  • Be abundant in energy, productivity, creativity and clarity.
Key Features

In all our Holistic Therapy Packages enjoy the following features:

  • Experience our Holistic Life Review, our unique assessment taking a fully holistic and multidimensional view of you.
  • Get a specially curated Master Protocol with lifestyle, energy and nutrition practices.
  • Get access to all the modalities that Natasha Anand works with.
  • Receive personally tailored practices (sadhanas) for you to do at home.
  • Access special rates for Biocare products and Genova Diagnostics private testing.
  • Get all content on our online platform and browse uniquely created resources at your leisure.
  • Enjoy hours of exclusive classes, practices, wisdom talks and helpful content on themes of self-leadership, energy, nutrition, the nature of the mind and self, chakras, shadow work, mindfulness and more on our platform.

Makalu Package – £1080

  • Enjoy 10 hours of 1-2-1 time.
  • Map out your inner world and go into your shadow work.
  • Start to understand your Soul Blueprint and Soul journey.
  • Start to connect the dots and understand what some of the root causes of your imbalances or patterns may be.
  • Initiate the deep healing process.
  • Get access to Natasha Anand anytime via What’s App.

Kailash Package – £3108

  • Enjoy 30 hours of 1-2-1 time.
  • Be initiated into the Himalayan Meditation Technique and receive a special Guru mantra.
  • Map out your inner world and go deep into your shadow work.
  • Radically shift your mindset, internal dialogue and potential by clearing the deep blockages and trauma holding you back.
  • Develop a culture of energy and holistic perspecitve into your life.
  • Upgrade your physical health, clearing old niggling symptoms.
  • Address the root causes of your imbalances at that fundamental level.
  • Be guided to create and embed abundance consciousness.
  • Start to understand your Soul Blueprint and Soul journey.
  • Learn how to get and stay in a strong flow state
  • Start to live your dream life.
  • Feel that you are going into deep healing layers.
  • Get access to Natasha Anand anytime via What’s App.

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