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Natasha Anand Boojihawon

Natasha Anand Boojihawon is a Master Energy Worker having cultivated her experience and practice for over 9 years working in a variety of settings; 12, groups, workshops, retreats and in astral/cosmic realms. She also works psychically.

Natasha Anand fuses ancient reiki practices with Vedic earthkeeping ceremonial techniques, Spiritual Crystal Healing, various quantum techniques, Shamanic practices, Psychic Surgery, Timeline Healing, Sound Healing, DNA activation and recoding, distant healing and sacred symbology work.

She has experience of working on autoimmune conditions, trauma, ancestral healing, hormone imbalances, digestion issues, emotional imbalance, stress, anxiety and fertility.

Natasha works with anyone seeking out her expertise and has found in recent times many souls being drawn to her who are on a path of awakening consciousness, cosmic exploration and remembering their true essence. Natasha Anand is also a teacher of teachers – supporting other practitioners to expand into their roles and work more effectively in flow. 

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